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Applying for a Ruby developer role at FutureLearn

I've had some questions lately about the Ruby developer vacancies at FutureLearn, so I thought I'd share my advice about applying.

Are we a match?

How well you match culturally with a company is one of the first things anyone should look at when deciding whether to apply to work there. The three paragraphs at the top of

Rails to Slack announcements

Until we've added notifications to the site, this handy gem lets you post messages to Slack from Rails.

By adding a line to a controller, we now get a message in our Slack #general when someone comments on the site. It posts their name, comment and a link to the comment so we can reply to it easily.

I've also put recent comments on the home page...

West London Coder X Google Developers Group

We kicked off our first West London Coders event of the year with Google Developers Group Cloud yesterday afternoon. 

65 People gathered to learn, practice and discuss code by forming groups in order to hack ambitious ideas together, mostly using Google Cloud technology. We saw some amazing group presentations at the end of the day...

Google Developers Group Saturday 14th Jan

We are very happy to announce that we will be kicking off our first Meetup of the year with Google Developers Group. GDG is another Meetup group run by developers, for developers, in a similar format to how we do things here at West London Coders...

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