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Follow Free Code Camp with other beginners learning front end development or take part in React and JavaScript projects either independently or using APIs made by other hackrooms.
Collaborate on backend Ruby projects, provide functional APIs for the JavaScript or iOS hackrooms to create apps with or follow Ruby tutorials with experienced developers available to help. 
Collaborate on backend Python projects, provide functional APIs for the JavaScript or iOS hackrooms to create apps with or follow Python tutorials with experienced developers available to help. 

From the blog

Improving the meetup with user feedback

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Steve Brewer
12 days ago
We recently surveyed our members to find out what we want from the meetup.

We had some great suggestions that we’ve already started building into our plans, but here’s a summary of what people voted for as their number one priority at developer meetups.

Help make West London Coders work for you

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Steve Brewer
26 days ago
We've reached 700 members on Meetup.com 🎉

We're also over a year old now, and I realise I've spent a lot of time ad hoc asking people what they want from the meetup, I've never actually sent out a survey to get more quantitative data as well as some open questions for people to suggest more.

So here's a survey that should have been emailed to you through Meetup.com. Please take a moment to fill it out to help us make...


User research

Who doesn't love data when it's this pretty?

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Steve Brewer
About 2 months ago
Within an hour of finding Chart.js I now have 5 beautiful charts on the site that use live data, that's up to date the moment you load the page. 

I haven't refactored how I want to scale this and use it on the site yet, but I'll share what I have so far. 

First up here's the view that initialises where Chart.js will put the data. Nothing much to see here beyond some canvas ...





Comments, replies and likes!

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Steve Brewer
2 months ago

I've made some changes to comments so you can now reply to and like them. 

You can also now comment on a language or hackroom, which is new and more complicated than it sounds. 

Comments have a 'commentable', which is polymorphic and can be anything you like. In this case we add the relation to the language model as

has_many :comments, as: :commentable, polymorphic: true

This tells Rails all comments with this language add...