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Who doesn't love data when it's this pretty?

Img 6939
Steve Brewer
4 days ago
Within an hour of finding Chart.js I now have 5 beautiful charts on the site that use live data, that's up to date the moment you load the page. 

I haven't refactored how I want to scale this and use it on the site yet, but I'll share what I have so far. 

First up here's the view that initialises where Chart.js will put the data. Nothing much to see here beyond some canvas ...





Comments, replies and likes!

Img 6939
Steve Brewer
15 days ago

I've made some changes to comments so you can now reply to and like them. 

You can also now comment on a language or hackroom, which is new and more complicated than it sounds. 

Comments have a 'commentable', which is polymorphic and can be anything you like. In this case we add the relation to the language model as

has_many :comments, as: :commentable, polymorphic: true

This tells Rails all comments with this language add...

Notifications and follows!

Img 6939
Steve Brewer
25 days ago

Today we shipped notifications and member follows! You can now follow anyone on the site and they'll be notified. 

You'll also be notified when someone comments on one of your posts or comments. 

It's basic but we can build on this. Some suggestions so far have been to get notified when someone you follow RSVPs to an event, when someone joins your hackroom and build mentions into comments.

We can also make a news feed to show you updates ...

Hackrooms are live!

Img 6939
Steve Brewer
4 months ago
I've made a few updates to the site over the weekend. You can now:

+ Create hackrooms for people to join
+ Add basic information to the page, including the main language the hackroom is focussed on, as well as any sideline languages used
+ Your hackroom will appear on the page of the languages you're using as well as your profile, and the profiles of anyone who joins it
+ Join any hackroom by ...