First Public Meetup

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Steve Brewer
Almost 2 years ago
It’s almost 7:30pm and Costa is about to close and four of us are still here, some of us since 11am. So we had a pretty good time! We got everyone added to the Github team with write access to the website and some of us have made some commits already.

We agreed that Costa is a great venue to meet at so we will continue here for the time being, at midday on Saturdays. Don’t feel obliged to attend every Saturday, and you can always join remotely on Slack or Hangouts if it’s not too noisy.

I encourage everyone to make commits to the website as it belongs to all of us. I’ve made a branch for member profiles where you can all add yourself to the list of members and link to a page about yourself if you want to, or just put your name and image on the list.

I had a great day and it was a pleasure to meet all of those who came, and I’m looking forward to next week!




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