Getting a job in Software Development

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Steve Brewer
Over 1 year ago
Last Saturday, we enjoyed a cracking talk from Shabbir Naqvi about getting into software development. Shabbir had some great tips to navigate the job hunting arena with for budding new developers, eager to find their first job paying them to do what they love.

Shabbir is a delivery manager at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, and leads delivery teams for THE OUTNET. YNAP are due to open their new ‘tech hub’ in West London in March 2017, and is currently hiring.

This was our 16th meetup since we started in June and it was the most fun we’ve had so far. More people came than ever and the buzz after the talk was contagious. Everyone had a great time!

Ali took two new friends to a meeting room to talk about how obsessed they are with Python 🐍 in private.

Meanwhile I answered some front end questions from dev students building their first portfolio pages.

Next week, we’re starting hackrooms, so people find like-minded devs more efficiently.

We’ve come a long way since a handful of us huddled around a hard-won free table at Costa in Ealing Broadway. Thanks to Jerome and YNAP, we now get to spread out across YNAP’s fabulous office in Westfield, and they expense us for pizza 🍕!

Our next meetup is Dec 17. You should come!





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