Hackrooms are live!

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Steve Brewer
About 1 year ago
I've made a few updates to the site over the weekend. You can now:

+ Create hackrooms for people to join
+ Add basic information to the page, including the main language the hackroom is focussed on, as well as any sideline languages used
+ Your hackroom will appear on the page of the languages you're using as well as your profile, and the profiles of anyone who joins it
+ Join any hackroom by pressing a button on the hackroom page
+ See hackrooms you maintain and participate in on your profile 
+ Add primary and secondary programming languages to your profile
+ Search for hackrooms by language
+ See a page for each language, which we'll add learning links, comments and more to later

We have even more planned but if you have suggestions please let me know in the comments or on Slack. 





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