Hello WLC!

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Steve Brewer
Almost 2 years ago
So this group grew a lot faster than I anticipated, which is great! Clearly there’s a demand for meetups in West London! I’m looking for an alternative venue for this Saturday (though still at Ealing Broadway), suggestions welcome - otherwise we’ll stick with Costa. Going forward, I’m aiming to host a meetup weekly but with no obligation for anyone to attend all of them.

The plan is the same:

It’s not a teacher-led meetup, it will be something between a social and a hackday, where we can discuss and generate ideas and then (if we want to) build projects using front and back end skills. We can do this as a group or in small groups, whatever feels appropriate on the day. Otherwise we could also just chat and practice code in pairs. There are no expectations.

Also we have a Github organisation setup for the website and where we can start projects, if anyone wants to help out with that please get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday or at a future meetup!




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