Improving the meetup with user feedback

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Steve Brewer
10 months ago
We recently surveyed our members to find out what we want from the meetup.

We had some great suggestions that we’ve already started building into our plans, but here’s a summary of what people voted for as their number one priority at developer meetups. So as of today we now have four focused hackrooms that aim to provide an engaging, inclusive and collaborative environment for new and experienced developers to learn and build together, each lead by a developer or two. 

Front End
Led by Attila and Gary
#javascript on Slack

If you're interested in front end development or JavaScript, join the JavaScript hackroom where you can follow Free Code Camp and other tutorials with other learners, or contribute to the apps we'll be making. 

Led by Steve and Brad
#ruby on Slack

Join this hackroom to contribute to making an app the other hackrooms can use via an API, and also get help with your Ruby learning. 

Led by Jerome
#iOS on Slack 

Join this hackroom to help make the WLC iOS app with Jerome, an iOS app for the Ruby hackroom’s app or other iOS projects. 

Led by Ali and Sharla
#python on Slack

Join this hackroom to learn and build with Python and Django with other Pythonists.

If you didn’t get a chance to feed in the survey, you still can, and I’m always open to feedback either in person or on Slack. 


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