West London Coder X Google Developers Group

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Jerome Clarke (JJ)
Over 1 year ago
We kicked off our first West London Coders event of the year with Google Developers Group Cloud yesterday afternoon. 

65 People gathered to learn, practice and discuss code by forming groups in order to hack ambitious ideas together, mostly using Google Cloud technology. We saw some amazing group presentations at the end of the day. 

My personal favourite was an App that can pair you up with a random person to meet in a local coffee shop and provides you with a fake backstory to introduce yourself to them with. 😄 👌🏾

Thank you to all those who helped out and attended!





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    Steve Brewer
    About 1 year ago
  • Look who uploaded some photos to a post through our website! 😏
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    Steve Brewer
    Over 1 year ago
  • Thanks for organising Jerome! I had such a great day! ❤️