West London Coders visits Sky again!

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Steve Brewer
About 1 year ago
What a great evening we had at Sky last night!

Laura once again had us round to hang out in their brand new Sky Cinema in the stunning shopping mall Sky's just built for their people at their campus in Osterley, West London.

Check out #skyWLC for the highlights.

We had four fantastic speakers: Alasdair Clark from Sky talking about how understanding why you are doing something motivates, boosts creativity and helps you deliver the best solution, and I couldn't agree more.

Matt Bee from FutureLearn gave a much needed talk about the barriers for self-taught developers and how hard it is to break into development today but how we can all make that easier for beginners through pathways and clearer documentation.

Haejeong Kim from Sky talked about women in tech and her experience of often being the only woman in the room and the massive difference in perspectives between men and women in tech. This talk provoked lots of interesting questions that I was dying to jump in and help answer but Haejeong did a cracking job.

And finally Shabbir spoke about what Agile really means and the long corporate journey big companies face getting there, delivered as the pro he is 👌🏻

I also managed to brag about how I now have a social life thanks to WLC, which was really classy 🙈 😆

If you missed the event, don't worry - we love visiting the team at Sky and there's sure to be more coming up. Keep checking the meetups page for new events coming soon! 






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